Duck moving begins

Anyone home?

Not much of a welcome!

I’m sorry if you think I’ve been shirking my blogging duties this week, but the computer has been poorly. Obviously it’s fixed now, but things don’t seem to work quite as they did and it’s taken some time to re-educate myself! Anyway, some catching up to do…

A week to the day after removing the gate between the garden and the adjoining field, MacRae and the Cherry Bs finally demonstrated their adventurous spirit by investigating the back garden thoroughly and presenting themselves at the ARs’ front door. Unfortunately, I think they should have phoned earlier as there was no one home!

Before MacRae’s arrival, Huff laid claim to the Cherry Bs – not that they were keen – and was none too pleased on the arrival of some competition! Much huffing and chasing ensued as MacRae was nowt but a youngster, but as with all youngsters he grew! Unfortunately for Huff, when MacRae became a strapping, fully fledged drake, it was payback time! Consequently, Huff has become pretty miserable after losing his Cherry Bs, as well as being regularly chased  by Mr. M.

New residents

Temporary home

So we decided to begin our duck moving strategy with the muscovies by letting them take up temporary residence in one of the now vacant chicken coops.  It only took a couple of days to settle in and Huff is now a different bird! Rather than spending his day hiding behind a bush, he’s doing all the usual Muscovy things, including lots of  tail-wagging, something which seems to indicate excitement or general well-being. The only hiccup in the proceedings has been Biggles, a duck who likes to maintain certain pleasures in her life. One of those pleasures is flying on to the top of the wall of her old home to survey the territory. This is fine except that worried parents Huff and Puff pace anxiously on the opposite side of the fence. So each night we have to coax her down to a family reunion,  followed by some duck wrangling across the garden to their new abode. One night she actually flew home without mum and dad realising, which caused considerable confusion all round!


Meeting some of the new neighbours

Meanwhile, part two of duck-moving procedures was implemented yesterday. This involved what you would think of as a fairly minor change in that the ARs needed to transfer from their current residence to the vacant ‘over-by’ chicken coop, a whole three metres away! Obviously it’s not minor to an Aylesbury/Runner though, as for the last two evenings it’s taken both of us to steer the ungainly group into their new temporary home! It’s unfortunate that we’re having to use temporary dwellings and cause all this confusion, but we can’t build/extend any new ones until all the ducks are living within the garden so that we can dismantle ‘Piggy Palace’ and re-use the timber etc.

Tomorrow we’re off to Dingwall to the poultry auction. In theory it’s a day out, but what’s betting we come back with something? Watch this space!



2 Responses to “Duck moving begins”

  1. Jennifer MacRae Says:

    Hope you had a great day in Dingwall……I have resisted going because I know I will end up buying something! In fact , I should have been taking back 2 Pairs of Black East Indian ducks, but Neil got very upset so they have had a reprieve till March!!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Yes we did! Came home with 3 Copper Black Maran pullets. Sorry you missed the occasion this time Jennifer, but check out the You Tube entries on the blog to capture all the excitement!!!

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