That time of year

Late October 09

New floor at last!

It’s the time of year when we usually undertake any internal repairs and refurbishment. This year the list is short thankfully, as we’re going to have plenty of work over the winter building the new duck accommodation in the garden. When we first moved to Garybuie,  the conservatory floor was not high on the list of priorities, so we just put down some ‘temperory flooring’. Six and a half years later, it’s finally reached the number one slot! We’re very pleased with the new look!

Late October 09

messy work

 The second chore is to replace some of the wallpaper in the bedroom of the self-catering apartment. I actually only re-decorated the room this time last year, but the patterned wallpaper which I used has become marked very easily so we’re going for a textured paper instead  which will be easier to re-paint if there’s any damage. I’ve managed to strip a couple of the walls this afternoon and hopefully will have the room finished by the end of the week.     

 On the more usual topic of Garybuie livestock, we began an experiment yesterday in preparation for the duck migration between the adjacent field and the garden. The Aylesbury Runners already occupy the garden (and the surrounding croft land, drainage ditches, neighbour’s garden…) so we don’t know how they’ll react to the immigrants, even though they currently spend a lot of time conversing through the fence. So we removed the gate hoping for some kind of duck ceileidh but nothing happened! The Runners even waddled past the gate opening without realising that there was no gate! Later in the afternoon, MacRae and all three Muscovies ventured out – just – but no big adventure ensued.


On guard!

There have been no further developments today, although Biggles, the Muscovy duckling, seemed to have become self-appointed gatekeeper at one stage! (We’ve referred to the duckling as Biggles since the early flying episodes. Unfortunately, we’re pretty convinced – finally – that Biggles is in fact female, and although the name’s none too feminine, it’s stuck. She doesn’t seem to mind though!) Hopefully, tomorrow might see some more pronounced social development between the ‘clans’! As you can see from the picture below, the Aylesbury Runners have become regular visitors to the back door step, (when the chickens aren’t congregating there), so there could be quite a crowd if the new arrivals to the garden decide to join them!

Ayelsbury Runners

Is it tea time yet?

p.s. With the ever increasing animal names/nicknames, some of which are probably a bit confusing for any new readers, I’ve decided that some kind of glossary is perhaps a good idea. It’ll appear on the sidebar as soon as I get around to it!

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2 Responses to “That time of year”

  1. Dorinha Says:

    The new floor looks really good.
    Miss you.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Thanks Dorinha. Hopefully we’ll be able to share a meal with you in there in spring when you can ‘enjoy’ the floor up close!

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