Potatoes and plumage

Tatties galore!

Tatties galore!

After a pretty wet Saturday, yesterday was lovely. In fact it was a typical autumn day – birds singing, mild and all those lovely earth smells. A perfect day in fact to go tattie picking! Generally I’m the one who likes to do all the seed sowing, planting out and general maintainance of the veg plot. Kevin on the other hand is the harvester which I find a bit tedious. But harvesting root vegetables, now that’s a different matter! There’s something so exciting about plunging your spade or fork into the ground and coming up with underground treasures! It’s like Christmas when you receive a parcel which has a shape that makes the contents obvious such as a CD. However it’s only when you open it that the title and artist are revealed. The same applies to root vegetables. I know well enough that they are potatoes or carrots, but until I ‘unwrap’ them from the earth, I don’t know how many, what size, what shape, or if they’re undamaged. It’s great!

Of course another feature of autumn is that things in the garden are tending to look a bit untidy with plants dying back and the trees shedding their leaves. But it’s not just the vegetation which isn’t looking its best, three or four of our hens are currently moulting and are looking dishevelled to say the least!

Down to her underwear!

Down to her underwear!

This poor Marran is the worst, loosing more feathers every time she moves. I always feel so sorry for them to think that they lose half of their clothing just as the weather turns wet, windy and cold! On the bright side, Queenie, one of or Light Sussex hens who has been half naked for the last twelve months, has suddenly started to re-grow her feathers!

Almost back to full glory!

Almost back to full glory!



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