We have a cure!

The cures

The cures

 I was pretty busy yesterday making up the various cures in anticipation of the arrival of our pork.  The tub on the left contains a basic brine solution, whereas the one on the right is a Wiltshire cure consisting largely of beer and treacle. The aroma is wonderful! We also make a cider cure. The container at the bottom is a dry cure to make bacon and I think the hocks too this year. Essentially the dry cure consists of salt, some brown sugar, a little ground black pepper and saltpetre, which maintains the colour of the meat. Unfortunately, we can’t get saltpetre any longer, a precaution being taken to prevent the production of  the wrong kind of ‘banger’! So this year we’ve had to buy a ready mixed cure which already contains an anti-oxidant. It’s not quite the same as mixing our own, but bacon sporting a cadaverous grey hue isn’t particularly appetizing so I’m afraid there’s no choice in the matter! 

porky preparations Today the carcases arrived and tomorrow will be a big day butchering them. We had them split by the abattoir, which makes life considerably easier. Our butchering skills aren’t the best but we get better each year and it’s great as we can have exactly which cuts are most useful to us, rather than the more limited choices from the abattoir. By the way, I’ve only used a small picture here just in case we have any readers of a sensitive nature!


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2 Responses to “We have a cure!”

  1. Dorinha Says:

    Hi both,

    Can we have a bit of this delicious meat when we go back, if there is any left? Please?????? Any cure will do.

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Such an appreciative pair as the two of you can always share whatever we’ve got on the menu!

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