Farewell Pigs

Trailer tensions!

Trailer tensions!

It’s ‘that time of year’ once more when we must say farewell to our pigs. Each year our neighbour, Angus, kindly lends us this wee trailer for the transportation of our beasties to slaughter. The arrival of this piece of equipment has no effect whatsoever on the pigs, but believe me, the mere sight of it can cause anything from cold sweats, palpitations, raised blood pressure or indeed all of the above in both Kevin and I! For a start, we definitely score ‘nil points’ in manoeuvering the thing, which, coupled with our poor pig-steering abilities – on occasion leading to a Kevin/pig  mud wrestling bout – results in the only occasion when divorce is considered!!!

So this year we had a cunning plan! We borrowed the trailer a couple of days prior to any pig moving, put it in the pig-pen and left it open. The pigs just thought it was something new to investigate and had no problem going in there particularly if food of any description could be found! So, yesterday morning – the day of departure – breakfast was served a la trailer and – hey presto, the smoothest movement of pork in the last six years!

Even though we felt quite pleased with our achievements, not to mention the lack of divorce proceedings, it was still as sad as every other year seeing the trailer heading down the glen. It was doubly sad this time however, as we’ve decided to give pigs a miss next year. The land is in poor condition and really needs a season to be re-seeded and to regain some structure before being submitted to serious snout destruction once more!

Bird's eye view!

Bird's eye view!

On a more cheerful note, it’s been great over the last couple of days as the Muscovy duckling has moved on from low-level flying forays, to more of a high-level perching strategy! The wall above Piggy Palace seems to be his/her favourite spot to view the surroundings at the moment. Who knows where the next aerial adventure will lead?


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