Holy flying duck!

Over the past week, our Muscovy duckling – now 14 weeks old – has discovered his flying skills! Most of his excursions involve a low level aerial reconnaissance of the duck enclosure, but two nights ago at dusk, he decided the the fence was no longer a boundry, so over he went onto the surrounding croft land – right into the path of the Ayelsbury-Runners! Obviously they’re under the impression that the whole croft is their territory so didn’t take long for them to say, ‘Move out Moscovy’! It would be nice to think that the ARs were just concerned about the ducklings’ welfare, being dusk and all, but I very much doubt it!

On the subject of Moscovies, by my calculations, Puff’s two remaining eggs are due to hatch on Wednesday – photos as early as possible!

Unexpected crop!

Unexpected crop!

 In an unused corner of the veg plot, a single sunflower has reared it’s head this week! It’s quite close to the bird feeder and presumably an unlucky bird has dropped his lunch which has subsequently taken root! I’d prefer to think that some wee bird has been watching our attempts at vegetable cultivation and decided to have a go at this self-sufficiency thing for himself!

I’ve been returning the favour to Mark and Gerlinde this week, albeit on a much smaller scale, by taking care of their cats while they were away. Fingal and Idrigil are both female and a more ladylike pair you couldn’t wish to meet!  No impatient pacing about or miaowing while they wait for their food, they just sit quietly like well brought up girls should do!

Waiting patiently

Waiting patiently

This week at Garybuie we’ve had some returning guests from Germany, their third visit in fact. George and Barbara Stump have unusual holidays in that they travel extensively and ‘collect’ stone circles, menhirs, ruins and rock formations on camera. They put the photographs, along with the relevent description or story on their website www.hgstump.de – a very interesting place to visit! (Just click onto the union flag for the english version) They stayed with us for three nights and we enjoyed their company as usual. The weather was good so hopefully they should have managed to collect some great new pictures for their site.

George and Barbara

George and Barbara


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