Duck egg disaster!

Incubation of our Muscovy eggs was going well with five out of the dozen we started with being fertile on day 10. That rate of fertility was to be expected as all of the eggs being  the product of one duck meant that some were a bit on the old side. However yesterday,on day 20, disaster struck! Some kind off power failure tripped the main house fuse and so the incubator went off at some time after midnight meaning that by morning the eggs were stone cold. A sad morning.

On a brighter note, MacRae seems to have won over his new ladies and gradually all three Cherry B’s have abandoned their shared nest to spend time with him and are now coming back into lay – great news on the breakfast front! Huff isn’t too happy about this new male muscling in on his patch and so there’s considerable huffing and crest raising at feeding time when Huff doesn’t want to share with this young upstart! MacRae takes it all in his stride though and doesn’t seem to be particularly preturbed – or underfed! Meanwhile, our Muscovy duckling is really coming on at 9 weeks old, developing some lovely plumage…

Muscovy duckling at 9 weeks

Muscovy duckling at 9 weeks

We don’t know if it’s male or female yet so it’s currently nameless. Any suggestions?       This seems to be developing into a very ‘ducky’ blog but I can’t leave out our adventurous Aylesbury Runners. After thwarting their regular escapes through the gates onto the road, they have now discovered that they can escape through the perimeter fence onto the surrounding croft land! So far they’ve discovered two drainage ditches providing delightful dabbling conditions, loads of luschious long grass and….the road! Consequently, herding them back home is becoming a new Garybuie pastime, on the following occasion with Hamie’s help!

Visiting the neighbours

Visiting the neighbours

Just to add a small amount of chicken into the mix, our youngest chicks – now 7 weeks old – like to spend most of their time in the company of the Moscovies and Cherry Bs, particularly in their house where there’s always the chance of a few stray grains during a passing shower!

Your house is bigger than ours!

Your house is bigger than ours!

Fruit picking
Fruit picking

And lastly, the fuschia bushes are really beautiful at the moment and are also providing lots of fruits which the hens love! For most of them, vertical take off is the preferred harvesting method, but for Catnip in particular, sitting on top of the supply is much easier!


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3 Responses to “Duck egg disaster!”

  1. Paul Brewster Says:

    What a shame about the Muscovy eggs, sorry to hear that. A quckie re a name for the duckling – I mentioned that I had had a pet Muscovy years ago called ‘Lemma’, so yours could be named after mine, just a thought!?

    Thanks again for a brilliant stay, you are the BEST hosts. The blog is great but makes us raelise how much we miss Garybuie!! We must get back up asap!

    Like the way you used the pics on the blog, glad some of my nature pics could be used 🙂 Skye is a Natural History paradise.

    Take care & see ya both soon 🙂

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Hi Paul,
      Glad you liked the use of your pics and of course many thanks for such positive feedback about Skye and ourselves! We can’t work out what sex the Moscovy duckling is yet – I guess your name suggestion is a girlie one, how did it come about? Keep visiting the blog until you can visit us for real!!!

  2. Paul Brewster Says:

    Yes Lemma was female. It came about by accident, the latin name for dukweed, a typ of pondweed is Lemna but when I first wrote it down I did a typo & wrote Lemma and that stuck!! So it’s sort of named after DUCKweed!!
    Cheers Paul

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