New drake and other matters

Over the last week, there have been several developments here at Garybuie. One of the stranger ones is that the single broody Cherry B has now become a multi duck enterprise!

Multi duck nest!

Multi duck nest!

So now we have triple hissing whenever we approach! How successful the enterprise will be we have no idea, but they’re certainly a determined trio. Unfortunately, their motherly mood isn’t good for our latest arrival – MacRae the Aylesbury drake! We bought him this week from our friend and regular blog visitor Jennifer MacRae – hence the name!  He’s just a youngster, so much so that we’re not 100% sure that he IS a drake! The Cherry Bs seem fairly convinced though and consequently give him short shrift whenever he attempts to socialise. As you can see, even his pool-side pleasantries don’t go down well!

Since then he hasn’t made a great deal of progress out of doors, but the Cherry Bs at least allow him to sit near the nest indoors. The Aylesbury Runners in the garden have discovered MacRae’s arrival however and they spend a lot of time sitting on the opposite side if the fence to him so at least he has some friends! (The moscovy duckling doesn’t seem to mind him either!)

We could get out yesterday!

We could get out yesterday!

Speaking of the Aylesbury runners, after all this time in the garden, Francis Drake and his gang discovered the road. We soon realised however, that although the hens go out there and have reasonable road sense, that is not the case with the ducks! The problem is that whereas with the hens it’s every bird for herself, the ducks operate in a flock so at the approach of a vehicle, Francis Drake not only has to gather his flock and seemingly take a roll call, they don’t neccessarily head off the road, sometimes preferring to waddle along the road ahead of the oncoming car – quite probably to the end of the glen, who knows!!  So drastic measures were needed and Kevin covered the lower part of the roadside gates with chicken wire, which caused some serious consternation and head-bobbing  I can tell you! Still on the subject of ducks, although Puff is still laying an egg each day, she’s shown no inclination to sit so rather than ending up with a huge pile of eggs again, we decided to take them and have a go at incubating them ourselves. Today is day 5 of incubating a dozen eggs. Watch this space! 

First day of freedom

First day of freedom

Other happenings this week have included the introduction of our youngest group of chicks to the great outdoors at just less than five weeks old. The weather’s been so warm though that it seemed sad to keep them inside any longer. It certainly didn’t take them long to thoroughly investigate all the new outdoor delights on offer! We kept them in a fairly restricted area for a couple of days, but now they’re wandering free with all the other birds.

Meanwhile, as is usual at this time of year when I need every egg I can lay my hands on for our guests, a certain number of hens decide to lay elsewhere and findig the hidden nests is quite a challenge. However, over the past week Kevin’s managed to locate three sites, one of them thanks to Queenie who can’t resist singing to herself while she’s on the nest! All three nests had large numbers of eggs in them, this latest one with twelve….

Hidden eggs

Hidden eggs

And lastly, here’s something which amused us the other day. Obviously rearing young is an exhausting business for all species judging by this Siskin who’s taking forty winks whilst hanging onto the feeder on our kitchen window!

Snoozing Siskin

Snoozing Siskin


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One Response to “New drake and other matters”

  1. Jennifer MacRae Says:

    Hope your girls take to Mr MacRae, he looks quite happy in his surroundings.

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