Violent times!

Yesterday was a bit of an eye-opener regarding duck behaviour. For some reason Walter, our second in command drake, took it upon himself to become completely intolerant of Snowball the cockrel even though he was minding his own business! On several occasions he launched an attack of considerable violence and if he looked as though he was being beaten, Francis Drake stepped in to lend a helping wing or two! Admittedly, one of the ducks looked a bit under the weather and kept sitting down, so maybe he felt protective of her –  in an over zealous kind of way. The weird thing was, that on their way to bed last night, one of the ducks had deposited her first egg in the doorway of the duck house! This morning there was a second egg, presumably from the other duck. So did the drake somehow sense these imminent  events which subsequently made him particularly protective/aggressive? I guess we’ll never know although all has been peaceful so far today. If however he becomes conistantly aggressive, then there’s only one solution…

The season’s hotting up here at Garybuie so I haven’t managed to get around to the blog for a few days. There have been a few minor happenings in that time so I’ll try and deal with them fairly concisely so that you don’t nod off!

Edwin, Elaine & resident fruit picker

Edwin, Elaine and resident fruit picker

Edwin and Elaine from North Yorkshire stayed in the self-catering last week. They were great fun to have around and were impressed by Kevin’s stylish fruit-picking attire, particularly his hi-tech plastic collander suspended by  a bootlace! They even suggested he patent the design!

Look mum!

Look mum!

Finally the moscovy duckling has shown that it can swim perfectly well in the deep end!

For a particular absent fried - you know who you are!

For a particular absent friend - you know who you are!

 We’ve had our first broad beans of the season and they were delicious. It looks as though it’s going to be a bumper crop too.

Too hot

Too hot

Poor old Boris, it’s been way to hot for him recently. I discovered him taking refuge under the chair the other day, only by following his loud snoring!

Keep off!

Keep off!

After some considerable stopping and starting, one of the Cherry B’s has decided to have a go at this egg hatching malarky! She’s great at hissing even if you’re standing outside the door! Sometimes things are a wee bit crowded when the other two Cherry Bs decide to join her in the nest. Meanwhile, after looking very sorry for herself a few days ago, the phantom broody hen has made a full recovery and has even returned to her home in the tree at night. Three days ago, Broody Brenda granted independence to her chicks and spent the day with the other hens before retiring with them that night. Lastly on the bird front, Puff is steadily building up her collection of eggs in her luxuriously deep nest – as long as she doesn’t go as far as 19 this time!

And Finally….

Wallace checking that the pigs eat all their greens!

Wallace checking that the pigs eat all their greens!


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One Response to “Violent times!”

  1. Jennifer MacRae Says:

    Hi Kevin & Christine,

    I’ve just watched your clip of Snowball & the duck……could the duck be mistaking Snowball for a female duck as he is so white? Just by the way the duck was holding Snowball and the wing flapping…… confused duck!!

    We have got two of our ducks off to new homes but “Limpy” the duck that was attacked afew months back, has made a full recovery and is now sitting on 9 eggs!! Are you still wanting an Aylesbury drake? I think I have one but it is difficult to tell, I’m going on head & neck size as the curl hasn’t appeared.

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