Still hot!


The hot weather continues here on Skye and at the moment a couple of places in the garden are saturated with the perfume of honeysuckle. The warm, still air is just perfect for enhancing the scent. Other things are developing too in the garden – some decent sized broad bean pods are looking tempting and my first try at growing fennel is looking positive with some nice feathery leaves developing. 

A couple of days ago, I thought I’d give all the ducks a treat with some nice fresh pool water. The Cherry Bs and Moscovies seemed to appreciate the gesture and dabbling in the muddy puddles which were created when I tipped the dirty water away,  proved to be an enjoyable prelude to splashing in the newly filled pool!
As you can see, the moscovy duckling seems to be enjoying it’s first dabbling event! I think that was probably the start of a noticably more relaxed Puff around the other ducks – even Huff! She now spends most of the time out with everyone else and the duckling seems just as happy to follow dad as mum. I must say it’s quite a relief! 
Changing the water for the Aylesbury Runners was a different kettle of fish altogether! Never mind any of that dabbling business – straight in gang…….

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