Duckling and ‘Pluckling’!

More hot weather this week so it was good to see that the remaining moscovy duckling found somewhere safe to bathe!

Safe in the shallow end!

Safe in the shallow end!

 Also over the last couple of days Kevin managed to corner the two surplus Ayelsbury Runner  drakes as we’d discussed and ‘did the deed’! Half way through plucking the first one, he was so impressed with the look of it that he came rushing in to announce his sudden desire for roast duck for dinner! To say that the bird did have a proportion of slim ‘Runner’ genes  in his make up, he was still a respectable 1.4 kilo – perfect for two! In order to be able to appreciate the unadulterated flavour of the duck, I simply roasted it just with a wee hint of salt and pepper and it was moist and delicious!


A  by-product of the day was a large amount of the most wonderful feathers and down! It seems criminal to waste them so I think I’ll make one or two cushions when I get chance.

So now we’re down to four Aylesbury Runners although this morning we got a distinct impression that we might have a late developing drake! Hopefully it’s just an out-of-line feather rather the beginnings of a sex curl. Either way, we’ll see how they all behave before we consider any more dispatches!

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