Tragedy strikes

It was a day of mixed emotions Yesterday. Everything got off to a great start with the arrival of the first six chicks in the incubator.

Morning arrivals!

Morning arrivals!

Our bed & breakfast guests got a chance to join our excitement too which we always enjoy. We moved this batch out to the brooder soon after breakfast, and the remaining eight chicks arrived steadily and safely throughout the day. I’m sorry to say that  our cockrel has the most un-macho name of Snowball, which he gained because as a chick he was just as round and white as one. At the time there was no intention of keeping him and it was only when our previous cockrel, MacDoodle, became seriously injured that he took over all cockrel duties. Well, you just can’t go around changing a chap’s name now can you? But sure enough, this latest band of  cuties includes another  snowball!

Snowball Jnr.

Snowball Jnr.

 Unfortunately in the afternoon, things took a donward turn. Over the last couple of days, Puff has been a wee bit more adventurous with her ducklings so I thought I’d try and capture some of their activies for our You Tube site. I was distraught to find one of the ducklings drowned! We have an old Belfast sink embedded in the paved area by the duck house and the poor thing must have fallen in and been unable to get out. We never anticipated such an incident, as Puff is over protective if anything. Needless to say, the sink is now empty. Puff remained in her box with her remaining duckling until much later in the day, when Huff presumably made amorous overtures which once more sent her staight over the fence into the garden! I’ll bet she was glad when yeserday was over.

At least today all things Garybuie have gone without any hitches so far and the wee chicks are all doing well.  Puff has been out and about with her remaining duckling and seemingly enjoyed giving me a piece of her mind when I tried to clean the place up a bit! Only the almost consistant drizzle  has spoiled the day, not that the ducks minded, but the hens had to take cover more frequently, including Broody Brenda  and her three-week old family. As you can see, a couple of them braved the rain in preference to dry feet and a view!

The view's better up here!

The view's better up here!


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