Complications all round!

Recycling centre!

Recycling centre!

The week started in an uncomplicated fashion – great weather, nice guests – but things have become more challenging over the last couple of days! On Monday morning we said goodbye to two German guests, Roman and Judith. They had both decided that oat cakes aren’t exactly the best confectionary that  that Scotland has to offer, but rather than throw the offending snacks away, Roman decided to do a bit of recycling with the pigs! Needless to say the pigs thought that the oatcakes were just delicious!

Any more?

Any more?

Complications started to appear when we noticed that one of the ‘Aylesbury runners’ had developed a definite curl to ‘her’ tail! All six of the birds have been busy moulting over the past couple of weeks and now that the new feathers are coming in, their true sex is being revealed!

The name's Drake - Francis Drake!

The name's Drake - Francis Drake!

 Moulting is still an on going thing and I have a sneaky feeling that more sex curls are developing on at least two of the other birds, which is certainly an unwanted complication as one drake is plenty so the future of any surplus ones is dubious to say the least! Now that the gender thing has appeared on the scene, so has lots of new behaviour such as some very vocal head-bobbing !

Our ‘phantom broody’ hen believe it or not is STILL sitting tight on her empty nest! I really thought that she would have thrown in the towel when the patter of seventeen pairs of chicken feet arrived above her head along with all the cheeping ! We’ve contemplated blocking her access to the site but I think that maybe she would find that very stressful. Perhaps she’s just waiting for her pal Brenda to get rid of the kids so that they can return to their tree home together!

Bath time
Bath time

At least Brenda’s still doing well with her chicks and yesterday she was encouraging them to take a dust bath – only one seemed enthralled by the idea though!

One hiccup yesterday was a foot/leg injury to one of the marran hens. It appears as though she may have got it caught in something and it’s obviously giving her some trouble. I managed to catch her and bathe it, which she thanked me for with a sharp peck to my eye! Today she’s been quiet and I have a very fetching purple eyelid! Hopefully she’ll make a full recovery, (Me too!)
The main event today was Puff getting herself into a bit of bother! Through the window I caught a glimpse of a fast- moving Brenda, wings outstretched, attached to the neck of something black and white. On investigation, the something black and white was Puff!! Presumably her wing feathers have grown back, (we’d clipped them on her arrival here), and she’d flown over the fence. Luckily I managed to steer her back into her pen without too much trouble, where it was obvious what had instigated her aerial adventures – Huff! He was determined to make clear his ‘romantic intentions’ and puff was equally determined to have none of it! He cornered her in the nettles but thought better of it so while he retreated slightly, I took the opportunity to guide him down the field so that Puff could make her escape and get back to her ducklings. Huff was VERY huffy to say the least with his head crest working overtime! He seemed to resign himself to an afternoon of less energetic persuits at least and hopefully he’ll behave tomorrow. I think we might have to cosnider finding him an extra lady friend!

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3 Responses to “Complications all round!”

  1. Jennifer MacRae Says:

    Oh dear on the runner front! It will be duck with orange sauce at your house then?

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Well certainly one of them anyway!
      We”ll probably let Francis Drake stay with the girls and we’d wondered about putting one of the others with the ‘Cherry Bs’. Even though they have runner in them, they’re a good size – certainly comparable to the Cherry Bs. The main worry is whether he would be distressed changing to a new group, especially as just like runners, our crosses tend to flock and do everything together whereas the Cherry Bs behave differently, leading a more sedate, ladylike existance rather than hurtling around the place!

  2. Roman Says:


    what a surprise seeing myself feeding the pigs!

    We loved your B&B.

    Greets from Berlin,Germany.

    PS: You got mail.

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