Poultry progress

Yesterday Puff came outside with her ducklings for the first time so I just had to share the moment!!

Another lovely day today, although there has been the odd shower which has been frustrating as I’ve been trying to do some minor repairs on the conservatory,including painting some new beading which Kevin fixed to the window frames the other week. It seems that the mere thought of changing into my painting clothes results in the sudden formation of ominously dark clouds. ( A similar meteorlogical effect is achieved by Kevin contemplating a run!)

Enjoying freedom

Enjoying freedom

The seventeen chicks from the brooder have moved outside this week a five weeks old. They now reside in the ‘overby’ coop by the potato patch and are consequently now referred to as the ‘overbys’. Logical eh? We kept them within the environs of the coop for the first couple of days until they got their bearings, but now they’re allowed to roam free, although the furthest they’ve got so far is the duck house next door!  Having said that, the duck house does have the added attraction of a compost heap next to it which provides hours of pleasurable digging for bugs and worms!


2 Responses to “Poultry progress”

  1. Jennifer MacRae Says:

    Lovely to see the new ducklings….wonder if they are fast growers? We have hens hatching today from the school incubator, teacher brought the incubator back from the school this afteroon for me to baby sit them. So far three have hatched, two black and one yellow with feathers down it’s legs…..must be the cuckoo maran.

    Managed to source a second hand fully automatic incubator for myself and just as well. My little green duck was on eggs for two weeks and decided she had enough….so popped them in the incubator and hopefully they will hatch.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Well Jennifer, it sounds as though you’ve got a real production line going there! All this incubation is going to become a full-time job at this rate! Hope you’re successful with your ‘green’ ducklings – it would be a shame to lose them after she’d taken the time to sit for two weeks. Did you candle them?
      Good Cluck!!!!

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