June events

It’s been a couple of busy days here at Garybuie, the main event being the hatching of Puff, the moscovy’s ducklings! After her five week wait she was finally rewarded with the appearance of two beautiful offspring – not a great success rate out of 19 eggs, but a success none the less for her first time. We’ve been hearing some cheepings for a couple of days now but yesterday was the first appearance of our June arrivals.

Huff 'n' Puff's new family

Huff 'n' Puff's new family

Speaking of ducks, there was an entertaining moment a couple of days ago when I was trying to introduce the ‘back garden ducks’ to a new feeding trough Just like the old saying, “The grass is always greener…”, obviously the same applies in this case except that it’s,” The grain is always tastier in someone else’s trough”! The poor ducks had barely finished eating before a whole crowd of uninvited dinner guests arrived, including Broody Brenda and her gang! (She’s the one making all the noise!) At least the wee chicks aren’t shy!

Morning view

Morning view

Yesterday was another beautiful day and while I was setting the table for breakfast for our guests, I couldn’t resist popping outside and taking this picture. That’s the problem with this place, there’s always something to distract you! And then in the evening yet more distractions as Kevin went out to put the ducks away for the night!  

Evening view

Evening view

This morning there were distractions of a different kind in the glen, although not on our part this time! Moving cattle becomes a bit of a challenge when our  pigs, Ip, Dip & Dash,  decide to intervene! Cows, being the curious beasts that they are, just couldn’t resist stopping to introduce themselves to some porky playmates before being reluctantly ‘moooved’ on by our neighbour Gordon and his son Callum – bringing up the rear!


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