Odd goings on

By my calculations, the broody hen under the coop is several days overdue. I was surprised therefore when she appeared at the door all big and clucky ‘asking’ for food. I gave her some grain and while she was eating I took the opportunity – along with a torch! – to check her nest. Guess what? Not an egg in sight! She’s obviously going through some kind of pseudo broody episode and hopefully she’ll give up the venture soon. Maybe she was just lonely up the tree without Brenda so decided to make her own nest – just forgetting to put any eggs in it!

Empty nest under the coop!

Empty nest under the coop!

Puff the moscovy duck will have copleted the required 35 day incubation of her eggs tomorrow. I hope she has better results –  a three week wait with no reward is one thing but a five week wait would be terrible!

Goings on under the coop weren’t the only odd thing going on today. Luckily we don’t have any self-catering guests this week so we’ve taken the opportunity to replace a damaged bedroom carpet. The new one arrives on Wednesday so we thought we’d be prepared and clear the room. Now the staircase is a bit of a challenge as there’s a nasty little twist at the top and getting the beds out took some fairly serious head-scratching before we were successful. Not so with the rolled up carpet however! So there was only one answer…..

Carpet challenge

Carpet challenge


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2 Responses to “Odd goings on”

  1. Jenni Says:

    We would have been happy to be there to catch it! (The least we could do being the cause of the situation)

    What a lot has been happening during the last 3 weeks….your ever-expanding feathered family look to be heading for a mass take over!

    We will head Glenhinnisdal way shortly to meet the new arrivals …see you soon!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Hi Jenni,
      Believe me, you probably wouldn’t have been able to catch anything for laughing! I’m glad the carpet fitters had more manoevering skills than we do as it would have been interesting to see the carpet going IN that way! As for hatchings etc at Garybuie, you know you’re always welcome to come and meet the new arrivals any time – we have more chicks due within the next week too!

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