Catching up!

The weather’s been great this week so gardening chores have been high on the list, which along with some B&B trade has meant that blogging has taken a bit of a back seat I’m afraid!

Thursday (4th) was a sad day. I spent most of the morning doing my own mother hen thing, regularly rescuing one of Brenda’s chicks who kept getting left behind. He didn’t seem to be feeding and consequently was getting slower and slower, just standing with his eyes closed or trying to get under mum. Eventually I found him alone, cheaping loudly in the drainage ditch – quite a distance from the rest of the family. I suspected that Brenda was trying to abandon him as she showed no interest when I returned him. I thought I’d try to revive him a wee bit and the see if he would keep up better. He readily took water from a dropper but ignored any solid food. Now what’s better than a nice boiled egg when you’re under the weather? So that’s what I tried, again with a dropper, and he seemed to do OK with it. He perked up quite a bit so after a while I took him back to mum. This time she didn’t just show indifference but made it quite clear by flying at him wth her claws spread and feathers fluffed, that survival of the fittest really is nature’s way. Hand rearing him alone wasn’t practical – and would have been cruel really – so we parted company and I felt miserable for the rest of the day, unlike Brenda!

Yesterday the weather took a turn for the worse with heavy showers and a cold wind. Kevin got caught in a heavy hail shower (flaming June?!!!) during his morning animal rounds and the heavens opened later in the day during my stint! Still, I managed to plant out the leeks and they hung on in there whilst being buffeted by some pretty strong north easterlies.

Haven't we grown!

Haven't we grown!

Meanwhile, our first chicks of the season are all doing well with the look of a bunch of teenagers who haven’t quite filled out their newly grown bodies yet!! Some have more feathers than others but we now turn the lamp off during the day to get them prepared for the great outdoors in maybe a week or so – depending on those north easterlies!

We’ve had some returning self-catering guests this week – Hans and Marie Christine from Holland. They stayed with us for the first time last year and the weather wasn’t that great so this time, mother nature has redeeemed herself!  Hans is a landscape photographer and last year we were lucky enough to buy his newly published book ‘The Arran Portfolio’.  This year he very kindly gave us a copy of his new book, ‘The Isle of Skye’,of which he’s had a limited number printed himself and for which he’s is hoping to find a publisher in the near future. We’ve never been to Arran but thoroughly enjoyed his photographs which have captured some stunning scenery in colour but have also  the atmosphere and even eeriness in his black and white collection. As we know Skye however, we’ve found his work refreshingly different from the usual blue skies/calendar type photos which are seen so often on the island. We really enjoyed seeing familiar scenes presented in different way, either because of unusual composition, localised  weather conditions or again his atmospheric use of black and white. Check our blogroll out and visit his website and I’m sure you’ll see what we mean!

Hans, Marie-Christine & New Book!

Hans, Marie-Christine & New Book!


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2 Responses to “Catching up!”

  1. Śląsk Zdjęcia Ślubne Says:

    Śląsk Zdjęcia Ślubne…

    Nice article. Its always a good time to see, what You are doing….

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Glad you enjoy it!

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