Rethink on the ducks!

After mentioning last week the problem of our over zealous ducks in the veg patch, Kevin happened to find a duck book in the library which confirmed the fact tat they’re great at clearing up garden pests – but also great at eating veg and berries!! Consequently we had a rapid rethink and moved them into the main garden a couple of days ago. They seem to be quite happy with the change and are becoming regular visitors at the kitchen window and the cat-flap! The hens don’t seem to mind the intruders so all is going well at the moment.

The weather hasn’t been that great at over the last couple of days but at least today has been mainly dry. So now that the destructive ducks are elsewhere, I felt confident to plant out our courgettes, some replacement peas and some swede seeds. Having said that, the wind has now picked up and the  poor courgettes are hanging on for dear life! The polytunnel’s coming on well too and we now have a steady supply of lettuce, radish and some wonderful ‘spicy greens’ salad mix which I got from Marshall’s seeds – where I get most of our veg seed and ready plants. It’ll be a while yet before the tomatoes are ready although the ones in the conservatory are more advanced.


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2 Responses to “Rethink on the ducks!”

  1. Jennifer MacRae Says:

    Hi Kevin & Christine,

    Just wanted to let you know we have another 8 Aylesbury ducklings hatched yesterday…..100% success! Mother duck is very protective and they are all fit and healthy.

    The others born a week ago have tripled in size, I don’t think I have seen anything grow so fast! Hopefully there will be a drake amongst this lot for your Cherry Valleys! One of the ducklings is noticeably bigger so fingers crossed it’s a drake!

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Hi Jennifer – congratulations on your happy event!!! It must be lovely to see the ducklings with their natural mum, we can’t wait for the muscovies to hatch. I know what you mean – the growth rate of ducks is awesome! It’s really strange comparing the ducklings with the chicks. The ducklings seem to put all their energy into growing their bodies rather than feathers – particularly the primary ones – whereas the chicks are rapidly developing feathers after 24 hours – their bodyweight only increasing slowly. Perhaps it’s because the ducks which we have are specially bred for the table and are ‘designed’ to be fast growing. Maybe wild ducks develop differently. As the muscovies are a more natural breed, it’ll be interesting to see how they compare.
    Brenda, our Welsommer hen’s chicks are due this weekend with our other broody hen (under the coop) and Puff the muscovy expecting their arrivals about a week later. I don’t know who’s more clucky Jennifer – the ducks & hens or you and I!!!!
    Bye for now ‘hen’ !

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