Back to the homestead!

Ip, Dip & Dash relaxing in the sun

Ip, Dip & Dash relaxing in the sun

Although we enjoyed every second at Matt & Sarah’s wedding and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with everyone, the day after was a bit flat to say the least, so it was good to head back over the border to the homestead!
Yesterday was a particularly lovely day, with all the animals enjoying the sun – especially the pigs as youcan see! (More sunburnt ears!)

We spent most of the day in the garden. The days are getting long now so everything’s growing really fast – especially the things which we don’t want to grow! At the moment I can’t say that the ‘Aylesbury Runners’ are being very helpful in the veg patch – they’ve pulled up the peas, nibbled some of the bean plants and uprooted some of the onions! I don’t think they’ve been deliberate saboteurs, just over zealous in ther quest for wick things. Even Kevin’s taping doesn’t seem to be working any more! We may have to rethink the veg plot/duck idea.

Spuds & 'Over-by' coop

Spuds & 'Over-by' coop

It was good to see our that our early ‘Charlotte’ spuds have been busy growing while we were away and some of the main crop are starting to appear too. I think if we had a really good downpour – preferably overnight! – they would come on in leaps and bounds. Our very kind neighbours, Mark & Gerlinde, took care of everything while we were away and Gerlinde was worried as one of the tree-dwelling hens hadn’t been seen. Anyway, all’s well as she appeared a couple of days ago all puffed up and clucky. I followed her away from where she’d been feeding and lo and behold – we have another broody hen!! She’s taken up residence underneath the ‘over-by’ coop in the picture. (Some good Skye terminology there!)

Some bad news too though. The lovely duck nest which I talked about a few days ago, has suffered some kind of calamity. Kevin went to let the ducks out yesterday morning to find the nest in complete disarray and several of the eggs smashed. Did the nest-builder just change her mind? Has Puff done the deed so that her offspring won’t have competition? Or has there just been some boistrous behaviour and the nest simply got in the way? I guess we’ll never know,  so for now we’ve started to collect the eggs again and maybe we’ll try encouraging them again later.


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