Mothering instincts at Garybuie!

Broody Brenda

Broody Brenda

Well, it must be the wonderful weather we’re having at the moment after last week’s dreadful display, but our wee ‘broody coop’ suddenly became irresistable to Brenda who settled down yesterday on about 10 eggs. It’s a ploy we’ve used for three years now where we put a small nesting box just inside the door of a larger coop in the hope of making it attractive enough for the hens to lay in, rather than somewhere out in the bushes. It’s proved to be a successful strategy and also means that we have some control over which eggs are incubated – preferably those which will produce a meatier bird!

Then this morning when visiting the main duck house – Muscovies & Cherry Valleys – it looks as though one of the Cherry Bs has undertaken some serious nest-building!

A serious nest!

A serious nest!

Anyway, we’ve decided to start leaving the eggs in there to see whether the duck responsible for the building work really is serious or just plain quackers! The thing is, as we don’t have a Cherry Valley drake, we’re hoping that Huff – the muscovy drake – has managed to woo the girls successfully or the eggs will obviously be infertile. If he has been accepted, any offspring will be sterile which won’t really matter when they’re destined to be  ‘a l’orange’ !!!!


2 Responses to “Mothering instincts at Garybuie!”

  1. stefan Says:

    hi christine,
    just adored your lively blog – great work!!
    those ducklings have definitely grown a bit since those easter-photographs had been taken 😉 – nice bunch!

    lovely wedding pictures – and there will be more in september i was informed 🙂 …
    any grandchildren in sight?? ;))

    cheers from bavaria,

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Hi Stefan,
    Many thanks for your feedback – I get really excited when there’s an email telling me that a comment has been left! (Probably because I’m getting so few at the moment!)
    Glad you like the blog and hopefully you’ll check it once in a while. Glad you liked the wedding pictures too – no grandchildren just yet! Although I think that ‘Granny Skye’ has a nice ring to it!!!

    Keep well,

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