Bird-catching ducks!



Over the past few years we’ve noticed that siskins are probably not the most alert members of the finch family. Even Wallace has no trouble snapping up a siskin, even with his extremely unstealthy bird-catching techniques. However, one thing I never expected was to see one of the little guys devoured by a duck!!! While I was working in the veg patch yesterday, there was a sudden commotion within the ‘Running Aylesbury’ community. One of the ducks was running around with a siskin flapping but firmly trapped in her bill, being enthusiastically followed by her quacking companions! She was desperately trying to dispose of the bird, but obviously the multi tasking nature of  running, keeping the challengers at bay and trying to angle her victim throatwards proved too much to handle! Kevin came to the rescue, too late for the siskin but in time to prevent ducky indigestion no doubt!!!

One day old

One day old

As you can see all of our new chicks are doing well, spending most of their time sleeping eating and growing no doubt! Also, after four days I think we can safely say that Puff – of the Huff ‘n’ Puff twosome – has gone broody! She’s been industriously building a nest for maybe a fortnight along with a new egg each day. It’s the deepest nest we’ve ever seen and we can just about see her bill peeping out! She’ll incubate the eggs for 35 days and hopefully hatch a large proportion of the clutch. Watch this space!

There's a duck there somewhere!!

There's a duck there somewhere!!



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