A dream comes true!

Staying at Garybuie for the last time

Staying at Garybuie for the last time

Jenni and Patrick have stayed with us for several holidays and have become good friends. For two years they’ve been trying to sell their home in the midlands so that they might realise their dream of beginning a new life here on Skye. The housing market may be pretty poor at the moment but the tenacious twosome weren’t defeated and finally in the new year a deal was struck and the removal van booked!!!

So now they’re staying with us for the last time before they put down more permanent roots. At least they’re enjoying some decent weather, although they haven’t been lulled into any false sense of security as they did sample most of what Skye can throw at us when they stayed with us for a couple of months over the winter! We are also pleased that Cinders, their cat, seemed to remember the place after her winter stay and just settled back into her Garybuie routine quite easily. (She did however stay out one night, we suspect maybe for a night under the stars with our wee Wallace. Obviously he didn’t impress her though as there’s some serious hissing on her part when he’s been to visit since!!)

We wish them both many happy years with their new life on Skye – Cinders too!


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