Easter News

Holly & Piyali

No entries on the blog for a while as the weather has been wonderful and so outside activities have been a priority! We had a great Easter weekend – the busiest since we arrived six years ago. It was really nice to get back into meeting new people, mostly American and German this holiday period. This is a picture of two of our American guests, Holly and Piyali. These two young ladies stayed with us for two nights and travelled from London where they are both in their final year of post-graduate Media Studies.
We’re looking forward to meeting them again sometime in the future as Holly’s father – an author – has bought a house not too far from the glen and so we’ll become neighbours! Although they managed to see a small portion of  Trotternish, their main objective during their Skye visit was to choose carpets for their new home! Now there’s an activity for B&B guests that wouldn’t immediately spring to mind!!!

Amongst our other guests were three young men from Bavaria.  They decided to try their luck at a spot of trout fishing at Loch Mor in the hills behind the house.  Kevin digging worms for our guests was definitely a first!!!  Sadly for the lads they didn’t have any luck with the fish but they still came back all smiles…and headed straight off to Portree for something to eat, although trout was not on the menu!


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